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Publié le 29 janvier 2020


As part of the transformation of Société Générale's Infrastructure business unit (GTS), we were asked to carry out an agile transformation.

An ambition, a target and a roadmap were defined in co-construction with the GTS teams, whose wish was to implement Agile operations on the entity's various projects.

Our team consists of 4 coaches.

The objectives are defined:

  • Actively participate in the GTS transformation
  • Transformation of designated teams
  • Reporting and transformation audit (framing, anchoring, sustainability)
  • Agile maturity diagnosis at start and end of coaching period
  • Multi-team, multi-coach synchronization on extended perimeter
  • Managerial alignment, definition of coaching objectives
  • Individual coaching (occasional)

Our support

The Aneo coaching team implemented and deployed GTS 20/20's transformation strategy through the transformation of around twenty teams into agile mode, the “Agile Anchoring” of around ten teams, 2 multi-coach, multi-provider Collaborations on cross-functional scope (TSI/GIS; DVS/SVS).

The latter included synchronization of transformation in agile mode, team and management alignment, inter-team exchange of practices, and cross-functional events.

An entire department was transformed (RCR/SAF): POC on 2 teams, kick-off workshop on the department, structuring and steering of the transformation (70 employees), support for 9 teams and management.

  • Co-development within the agile center in collaboration with internal coaches and Wavestone coaches.
  • Participation in internal communication event (agile @GTS)
  • SAFe, Scrum Master, PO training
  • Collaboration on communities of practice with internal coaches and Wavestone


The mission highlighted a number of significant elements. Firstly, the percentage of progress defined in the agile center objectives was achieved. The results of the sustainability audits were also satisfactory. What's more, 75% of teams have been transformed (GTS maturity grid). Finally, a relationship of trust was established between the client and the teams' operational staff.

What key factors were identified?

A number of key factors were identified. Among them, complete transparency regarding support, full collaboration between the agile center and internal coaches, and collaboration with other service providers. Finally, the transformation was achieved by adapting the various agile frameworks to the teams.

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