We share with you our expertise, acquired through research and materialised through these white papers, barometers and technical reports.

White papers

In an ever-changing environment, the quest for knowledge becomes essential. Join us in this captivating exploration, where each white paper is a gateway to clear and in-depth understanding. Our experts share their specialist knowledge, guiding you through advanced technology topics, while making this information accessible to all.

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A Grid Computing Journey for the financial service industry

At a time when crucial global issues such as inflation and global warming require special attention, reducing the cost and carbon footprint of computing is an obvious necessity.

Explore the different stages of this journey to the cloud.

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HPC landscape on GCP

This white paper provides an overview of HPC in the cloud, with a particular focus on the use of the Google Cloud Platform. By reading this white paper, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges of using cloud computing for HPC workloads, as well as practical advice for building an HPC platform on Google Cloud Platform tailored to your specific needs.

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Benchmarking Amazon EC2 DL1 instance powered by Gaudi accelerators from Habana Labs

This white paper illustrates how our data scientists and data engineers are harnessing the power of the new Amazon EC2 DL1 instance, which is powered by Gaudi® accelerators from Habana® Labs (an Intel company), to learn their neural networks.

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Pricing American options on a NEC SX Aurora card

SX Aurora is the latest addition to the NEC family of vector supercomputers. The SX series made history by being the first to break the gigaflop barrier in the early 1980s. It dominated the Top500 supercomputer rankings in the early 90s and 2000s.

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The orchestrator dedicated to HTC hybrid multi-cloud applications

This white paper explores how the IBM Spectrum Symphony orchestrator can be used to establish a hybrid cloud solution for HTC/MTC applications.
Unlike other tools such as Microsoft HPC Pack, IBM Spectrum Symphony offers the ability to exploit multi-cloud while optimising the use of in-house infrastructure.

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Digital Histopathology, hope for medical research

In this short white paper, learn how our HPC experts and data scientists are using IBM servers and the IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator environment to build a predictive model to help screen for breast cancer.


Dive into the intriguing world of barometers, where the truth is revealed and mysteries are solved. Our documents offer a privileged ticket to understanding the events, trends and stories that shape our world.

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CSR in all its forms

Today, it is crucial to adopt an integrated approach to CSR within companies, given the many benefits it offers.

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Management trends

En période de persistance de la pandémie, le recrutement et la rétention des talents deviennent des impératifs cruciaux pour assurer la survie ou la croissance des organisations.

Technical reports

Welcome to the world of technical reports, a window onto expertise and precision. Our specialist documents are much more than mere analyses; they are detailed guides designed to decipher complex mechanisms and solve technical challenges.

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Future of HPC

Discover the significant transformations in the field of High Performance Computing and how ArmoniK is paving the way for a new era. Immerse yourself in the thinking of industry leaders with this revolutionary distributed computing framework, specifically designed for massive workloads.