Our employees' initiatives

At Aneo, the commitment of our employees is reflected both internally and externally through initiatives that we regularly highlight.

anniversaire 2023

Committed to professional communities

"Le Cercle des DSI"- IT Circle

The "Cercle des DSI" is a recurring event, where you can meet your peers and discuss a wide range of topics including HPC, AI and product design.

Cercle DSI


With our €98.50 offer, a 100% customized consulting for startups.

We're used to advising large groups, so we thought we'd help startups too. We're offering 5 one-day à la carte modules to help with development and management issues.

And 98.50 HT is the price for the day! For Startups (early stage), SMEs or Associations.

offre accompagnement start up

Committed to student communities 

classement des associations

"Le Classement des Associations" Associations Ranking

Promote student involvement in associations and connect companies to this rich source of leadership, innovation and social and environmental impact.

The Classement des Associations is the largest ranking of student associations in France, involving over a hundred student associations from universities and Grandes Ecoles every year. In front of a jury of professionals, students put forward their sports, cultural, solidarity or innovative projects, and compete for the prize for the best student association in France.

Committed to sporting community

Because sporting values also drive our employees, we are sponsors of Lord of Tram, a not-to-be-missed event for all kite surfers!


Committed to those who open the world to us

Partnearth Emilie

Initiative Partnearth: Emilie's world tour exploring the relationship with living things

"When Émilie told me about her project, I immediately saw an opportunity to explore the subjects of the relationship with living things and ecological awareness from a triple perspective: the citizen, the company and politics. Are countries where the relationship with life is present in the culture less polluting than others? Do countries with a strong awareness of ecological risk develop a stronger relationship with living things? The questions are many, and I must admit I envy and admire Émilie for having been able to create this travel opportunity for herself", Pierre Sinodinos, President of Aneo.