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How will we manage our businesses in 2050?

How will we steer our companies in 2050? Will we have succeeded in integrating the subjective, the non-qualitative, intuition, or emotion into decision-making? These are all topics that we delve into through R&D projects, exploring areas such as the management of non-quantitative values, multi-criteria strategic decision-making, or the role of trust in organizations.

At the heart of the reactor with Aneo Lab.

Seeking, understanding, challenging is in our DNA. Whether in technology or in human sciences, R&D is for us the means to overcome the barriers we encounter in our missions and to envision the future. It is at the core of our organization and contributes to our strategy with collaborative projects such as Mooclive funded by the National Research Agency, as well as partnerships with the academic world: ENS Paris-Saclay, Institute of Management Research, University Paris Descartes, CEA, etc

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The performance and the human factor in your organization.

The performance of a company relies on the synergy between technical competence and human well-being. Therefore, the fulfillment and engagement of employees become the keys to sustainable growth. But in practice, would you be able to answer these questions?

Is the organization you operate in clearly visible and defined, especially in terms of roles and responsibilities?

Is the Information System of your organization, in both its organizational and architectural dimensions, flexible and adaptable?

Does your organization promote autonomy and empowerment of individuals and teams? And many other questions revolve around this reflection...

how do you align performance and people