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cas clients - bioptimus
Accelerating LLMs on AWS Cloud for bioinformatics
Aneo supported a bioinformatics company specializing in genAI/LLMs, in optimizing its AWS cloud infrastructure and AI processes to accelerate drug discovery.
cas clients - deeplife
HPC Workload Migration and Optimization to AWS
DeepLife develops novel approaches to drug discovery based on state-of art multi-omics data, machine learning, and system engineering.
cas clients - okwin
Cloud migration to accelerate drug discovery with AWS
Owkin is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for drug discovery.
cas clients - mnemo
Optimizing computing power for tomorrow's medicines with AWS
As part of the design of tomorrow's medicines, Mnemo has a need to satisfy its requirements for intensive computing orchestration power of more than tens of thousands of instances on cloud computing grids.
cas clients - cacib
Migration to AWS for Crédit Agricole
To overcome these challenges and improve operational efficiency, Crédit Agricole decided to migrate its grid computing applications to AWS and transition from Windows to Linux.
cas client -transformation-ia-mlops-a-echelle
AI and MLOps transformation at scale
Guiding Société Générale in implementing AI methodologies and MLOps best practices, fostering a continuous improvement dynamic for IT-driven AI projects.
cas client - accompagner-transformation-entite-dsi
Helping to transform an IT department
In May 2018, a division of Enedis' IT department began its agile transformation. The current organization demonstrates a difficulty in aligning the different teams.
cas client - mise-en-oeuvre-methode-docking-moleculaire-google-cloud-platform
Implementing a molecular docking method on Google Cloud Platform
Université Paris Diderot have implemented a molecular docking method on Google Cloud Platform.