Cloud migration to accelerate drug discovery with AWS

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Publié le 23 mai 2024


Owkin is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for drug discovery.

Owkin wishes to stablish a strong partnership with AWS, a pivotal step in Owkin's mission to focus on its core competency of developing high-value algorithms for advancing medical research and pharmaceutical development.

Owkin aims to significantly expand its market share and fully leverage the capabilities of AWS, particularly the AWS Marketplace and Amazon SageMaker platforms.

Aneo provided technical and organizational support to help Owkin effectively migrate to AWS.

The primary objective for ANEO was to lay a robust foundation for Owkin's migration and integration into AWS's ecosystem.

This migration include setting up a Landing Zone in AWS with a Hub-And-Spoke architecture.

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