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Organizations, often trapped in bureaucratic structures, face an increasing gap with a rapidly changing context. The rigidity of top-down management leads to slow decision-making and a strategy ill-suited to this complexity. Misunderstood strategic choices often result in disengagement from employees...

The last 10 years have seen significant movements around new forms of organization: agility, liberated company, customer/employee-centric organizations, or "Opal" companies. More recently, there has been a dynamic shift towards a more virtuous capitalism: mission-driven companies, B-Corps, Lucie, for example.

The question is no longer about what type of organization but rather how to proceed? How to transform? And this appears more like a research and development (R&D) topic than a well-oiled method to be followed. Aneo supports you in this reflection.

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Business agility is a global response to the challenges facing organisations, challenges that are exacerbated by an ever-changing digital world. Creating an agile framework will disseminate best practice to raise awareness, refocus on people and engage the key players in your transformation. 

As a catalyst for this transformation, the Scrum Master maintains the balance between rapid innovation and operational stability.

The notion of agility at scale has evolved beyond the conventional boundaries of software development, and now applies to several teams and an entire organisation. We talk about the Agile Coach.

Agile practices are expressed through frameworks. These frameworks define roles, processes and events. Some of the best-known models are Scrum, Spotify, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Large Scale Scrum (Less), which you can explore with the support of our Agile coaches!

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Whether your organization is customer-centric or product-centric, it inevitably requires customer feedback to create/optimize User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

How do you assess your ability to understand user needs, design innovative and high-performing products, and successfully bring them to market? If these are your concerns, you are in the right place.

Our team advocates for a product approach firmly centered on the user. Understanding their needs, conducting tests, iterating quickly, and collaborating with various teams within the company are crucial elements. Successful product development relies on this pragmatic and collaborative approach.

Common sense and experimentation are our main mantras.

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In a complex professional context, managerial expertise is essential for the success of an organization. This is where the role of the manager comes into play; their stance defines how they lead, influence, and inspire their teams.

However, the matrix approach, increasingly adopted in modern organizational structures, acknowledges the need for cross-functional and collaborative management. For this structure to be successful, it is imperative that managers embody a matrix mindset and a coaching posture, even in remote settings. This posture aims to stimulate individual development and collective intelligence for more innovations.

To support these coaching managers, a training journey is crucial so that they can develop their soft skills, transmit values, and create an environment suitable to stimulating minds. Managers are the architects of this organizational success. That's why at Aneo, we've created a community of managers to help them progress together.

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Maturity Product, Managerial, or Project Management

In just a few clicks, assess your maturity.

Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and receive recommendations from our experts.

An objective tool and advice to help you progress!

Our experts are hard at work to make you live this experience, stay tuned for more.

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" The approach of Aneo will always be creative, human-centered, and collaborative "

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Our difference ?

Aneo's position is quite unique as we benefit from our own capitalization on our transformation into a horizontal structure. But we also leverage the experience gained from the transformations of our clients and, finally, from our R&D efforts.

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