The PilVal solution, the result of 3 years of R&D

Value-Driven Project Management 


How do you prioritize your projects?

Often, we focus on ROI, yet the value for a business is not only economic. The value of a project also includes: the experience, CSR impacts, intangibles, etc. What if we considered the value of our projects through other indicators?

  • The experience lived by customers and employees
  • The company's image in its ecosystem
  • ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance)

These are elements that allow for a different way of prioritizing projects that contribute to your strategic priorities. That's what Value-Driven Project Management or PilVal is all about.

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PilVal, or Value-Driven Project Management, is an approach and software that helps companies make decisions by incorporating non-economic or non-quantitative criteria (carbon footprint, brand image, etc.).

PilVal builds a values repository and enables the visualization of the contribution of each initiative/project. PilVal ensures that all company initiatives contribute to strategic priorities and offers a unique collaborative dimension to align the general management's repository with that of the employees.

PilVal helps you address these questions:

How to coexist environmental, societal, human, and financial performance aspects throughout all my projects?

Do all my projects consistently contribute to the strategic priorities of the company?

Are the decisions made truly objective and rational?

Are our trade-offs collaborative enough with all the necessary information available?

Which projects to postpone, deprioritize, or initiate in the context of budgetary review or changing priorities?

Simulations tool
Simulations to help you make the right choice
Vizualisation tool
A visualization to better understand and collaborate
Collaborative tool
A collaborative tool that aligns strategy and on-the-ground vision
An expert community
An expert community
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Your first steps in Value-Driven Projetc Management start now.

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