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By combining our expertise in Cloud Computing, HPC and AI with Amazon's strike force, we can help you migrate your infrastructures to the AWS Cloud. We guarantee you an efficient, secure migration, with support tailored to your reality and needs.


European leader in the industrialization of cloud-based AI and HPC solutions

A recognized team of experts

Our consultants are AWS-certified experts and PhD in the fields of HPC, AI and Data. They will guide you through every stage of your migration, guaranteeing a high level of Cloud Computing expertise.

Security Focus

Our number 1 priority is to guarantee the security of your data. Our migration strategy includes robust security measures to protect your information before, during and after migration.

Change Management

To guarantee the success of your Cloud migration, change management needs to be brought on board as early as possible, to encourage the spread of a Cloud Culture. We integrate a Change Management component into our approach, led by specialized consultants, to help your organization transform smoothly.

Our services

Aneo is one of the few AWS partners in France specializing in HPC, and can help you implement your MAP.

AWS MAP Implementation

As an AWS partner, we rely on MAP, Amazon's migration framework proven in many organizations.

Discover MAP

Step 1: Assessment and discovery

Propose a migration/modernization path for HPC, Data and AI workloads.
Demonstrate business logic.
Engage and align teams and management.

Step 2: Mobilize your resources

Test and validate the migration/ modernization models recognized during the Assess phase.
Demonstrate on small use cases that the approach and architecture are appropriate.
Reframe scope if necessary.
Support skills development.
Define operating models.

Migrate et modernize
Step 3: Migrate and modernize your workloads

Migrate workloads identified during the Assess phase and tested/ validated during the Mobilize phase.

Audit of existing facilities and preparation of MAP
We carry out an audit of your existing infrastructure, as well as an assessment of your organization's Cloud maturity, in order to develop a tailor-made migration strategy.
Support and continual improvement
After migration, we continue to support your team, providing premium support and ensuring that your AWS environment is optimized in terms of performance and cost.
HPC, Data, and AI solutions
Our consultant-doctors work with you on HPC, data and AI workloads to maximize performance and innovation.
Change Management
We help you transform your corporate culture by focusing on training, communication and customer support.

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Client success stories

From fast-growing startups to large enterprises, all our customers have successfully made the transition to AWS. Our support has enabled them to improve performance, reduce operating costs and industrialize their processes, enabling them to focus on business value. From building a human cell simulator to accelerate drug discovery, to implementing high-performance cloud architectures to reduce IT department costs, the use cases are numerous, and here are just a few examples.

cas clients - cacib
Migration to AWS for Crédit Agricole
To overcome these challenges and improve operational efficiency, Crédit Agricole decided to migrate its grid computing applications to AWS and transition from Windows to Linux.
cas clients - deeplife
HPC Workload Migration and Optimization to AWS
DeepLife develops novel approaches to drug discovery based on state-of art multi-omics data, machine learning, and system engineering.
cas clients - okwin
Cloud migration to accelerate drug discovery with AWS
Owkin is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for drug discovery.
cas clients - mnemo
Optimizing computing power for tomorrow's medicines with AWS
As part of the design of tomorrow's medicines, Mnemo has a need to satisfy its requirements for intensive computing orchestration power of more than tens of thousands of instances on cloud computing grids.