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Publié le 29 janvier 2020


The Automotive and Home Equipment Division (around 600 employees) has launched a development plan to adapt its organization to the changing nature of its markets and consumer expectations. To achieve this, the management team relied on collective intelligence and the involvement of its employees, by launching a “participative approach” that mobilized more than 250 volunteer employees: the “Particip'acteurs”.

The participative approach focused on three areas of reflection: the evolution of territorial organization and sales promotion throughout France, the evolution of the branch network's operational and relational model, and the development of the new B2C market.

Our support

Aneo's support has resulted in a number of achievements on behalf of management, including: framing the approach and workshops, coordinating the approach (Particip'acteurs recruitment campaigns, project communication, etc.), pedagogical engineering, organization and coordination of workshops with Particip'acteurs, assistance with the preparation of information packs for social partners, and assessment of the approach.

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