Improving the performance of an e-trading platform

Investment bank
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Publié le 06 février 2020


Aneo supported a major French investment bank whose e-trading platform was suffering from costly ongoing maintenance and sluggish time-to-market.

This platform, connected to a dozen business back-ends, had been designed so that clients could carry out their trading actions completely autonomously, while benefiting from all the information they needed to make their decisions. As a result, its efficiency was put to the test by customers on a daily basis, and the slightest slowdown could result in a substantial loss of earnings, or even a complete loss of operations. The system was also complex and costly to maintain. Functional requirements needed to be reviewed, and certain technologies at the heart of the system were becoming obsolete.

The bank's ambition was to make this platform the e-Business reference on the market, in line with their digital transformation strategy.

Our support

We were asked to carry out a technical and organizational audit in order to provide recommendations for the implementation of a more efficient organization, practices and tools. The aim was to automate the value chain as far as possible, and to empower the team to deliver faster and reduce maintenance costs.

In this context, the Aneo team also supported the total overhaul of the platform with an agile and DevOps approach resolutely oriented towards “Continuous Delivery”, by simultaneously acculturating developers to DevOps in order to improve the way they work together.

From an organizational point of view, we have built small, autonomous, multi-skilled teams, more commonly known as “feature teams”, capable of managing the entire value chain, from infrastructure to code to customer support, making them much more responsive to their subject.

From a tooling point of view, build and application delivery have been totally automated, using a continuous integration platform relayed by a dev-to-prod delivery pipeline requiring only a “click of a button” and enabling smooth rollback.


Delivery times were greatly reduced, and the company was able to adapt and react to change much more quickly. The gains in team autonomy and motivation were also significant, resulting in increased productivity.

Aneo continued its support by joining the implementation teams!

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