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Publié le 15 janvier 2020

Strengthening collaboration between teams thanks to Open Space Agility

In May 2018, the SOC division in charge of the Linky program within Enedis' IT department began its agile transformation. The current organization demonstrates a difficulty in aligning the various teams, while the ISD itself has launched its own agility transformation at scale (SAFe).

Cédric Gaudet, agile manager responsible for a team partly in charge of the Linky IS, is looking for a way to get his teams to work better together. His challenge was to improve synergies and collaboration, while preserving the agile principles of autonomy and self-organization, across several teams.

With the help of the Aneo agile coach, they launched an experiment based on the OSA (Open Space Agility) approach, for which there is as yet little feedback.

Project keys

The experimentation loops created by the agile coaching approach helped to break down existing silos.

Aneo's added value was to :

  • Create a large-scale improvement dynamic by breaking down silos and generating a high level of commitment and motivation among employees.
  • Clarify and re-challenge the intention of the transformation, and approach it systemically.
  • Define a seasonality to pace the transformation, raise tensions and realign at the global level.
  • Bring about concrete changes in a collective's culture (work on the collective's name and identity, its informal ways of operating, strengthening solidarity and a sense of belonging, etc.).
  • Generate innovative initiatives (e.g. creation of a “Lab” within teams to work on R&D topics, with rotating roles).

What our customers say

I liked the very collective approach that was put in place, the unknown that David took us towards and the results that this gave, but also the individual exchanges that helped me with my positioning in relation to the teams. Finally, I really appreciated David's humility, as he didn't hesitate to ask for help on certain subjects, involving colleagues and even people from outside Aneo.

Cédric Gaudet
Agile Manager

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