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Publié le 01 septembre 2022


Qantev is an insuretech startup founded by Tarik and Hadrien, two brilliant Polytechnique graduates. The solution developed by Qantev uses Big Data techniques to help health insurers optimize their healthcare partner networks.

Initial exchanges with international prospects have shown that Qantev's solution is generating genuine interest. To accelerate their sales, the founders asked us to help them clarify their value proposition and better structure their sales process.

Our support

We proposed a Product Market Fit approach to Qantev, aimed at answering 3 key questions: Who are our customers and what are their needs? What is our value proposition? What is the most effective way to address the market?

To answer these questions, we worked with the Qantev team via a series of participatory workshops; the process began with a reflection on Qantev's raison d'être and mission, to bring out the deep sources of motivation behind Tarik and Hadrien's entrepreneurial initiative.

We then mapped Qantev's market ecosystem and worked on the personae (IT and business) and their expectations. This enabled us to reveal the density of an ecosystem made up of potential buyers, users, influencers, internal and external competitors...

Once we had clarified the ecosystem, we worked on the Marketing & Sales approach, focusing on mastering the sales process in a complex environment.


  • Definition of Qantev's purpose and mission
  • Market ecosystem mapping
  • Identification of personas and their expectations
  • Clarification of value proposition
  • Definition of revenue generation process
  • Creation of a framework for prospecting meetings
  • Definition of Marketing & Sales priorities for the coming months

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