Gradual transformation of the HR department through the employee experience

SNCF Gare & Connexions
Managerial transformation Industry & Services
Publié le 29 janvier 2020

Project details

The HR department of SNCF Gare et Connexions commissioned us to work on diagnosing and improving the employee experience in order to begin a phase of profound transformation ahead of the national challenges of 2020.

Our methodology was to work in 2 stages. Firstly, we worked with employees and managers on the quality of the employee experience. Then, we worked on reinforcing managerial rituals by team. To do this, we deployed various approaches: soft skills training, problem solving via design thinking and an introduction to the fundamentals of agility via an immersive workshop.

Aneo's added value was its ability to get staff to work together effectively and pragmatically, while at the same time providing the keys to improving inter-professional relations within the Human Resources Department.

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