Developing innovation and diversifying its value proposition

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Publié le 29 janvier 2020


CITALLIOS, a semi-public company (SEM), is a regional development company formed by the merger of four SEMs in the Hauts-de-Seine and Yvelines departments, each with a strong presence in their respective areas. Each of these SEMs has developed a history and complementary skills.

Against the backdrop of the recent merger, the new Chief Executive wanted to inject a new dynamic. He wanted to enable CITALLIOS to consolidate its legitimacy by developing innovation in its core business and diversifying its value proposition. He wanted to involve all the players in the ecosystem in a participative approach to develop the company's raison d'être, amend the 2018-2020 Medium-Term Plan drawn up before his arrival and co-construct its operational implementation over the next 12 to 48 months.

Through this collaborative approach, his intention was to encourage the commitment of the teams internally, by ensuring that there was a shared understanding of the challenges and that everyone was on board with the new objectives. He wanted to make the Executive Committee the driving force behind the transformation, and the employees the levers for its implementation. Externally, he wanted shareholders to support this reorientation and key customers to be the ambassadors of the new added value.

Our support

The client wanted the support of a partner to help it define its strategic direction for the coming years and refine a number of identified areas for transformation, particularly in terms of digitalisation.

The approach proposed by ANEO was to involve the members of the management committee and all volunteer employees in defining the company's raison d'être and drawing up a 3-year strategic roadmap. To do this, the various ideas, suggestions and initiatives of employees were collected through participative workshops on the work themes identified as strategic during a seminar organised beforehand with the directors.

From these workshops, in which a majority of employees wished to participate, a raw material was extracted which formed the architecture of the future Roadmap.

In the end, this participative approach made it possible to formulate a raison d'être shared by employees and directors, and to co-construct a coherent roadmap, in which each employee will be able to embody, over the long term, a day-to-day role. This new impetus was also an opportunity to start aligning the practices and operating methods of the company's employees with a new common project, and thus to move beyond the cultural legacies of the former merged structures to form a single entity.

Les plus

ANEO was able to bring its expertise to bear in helping CITALLIOS produce a Roadmap built with all of its stakeholders. The employees appreciated the approach, with the real feeling that they were being listened to and involved in the joint project.

Starting out with strong biases inherited from the former merged structures, and a fragmented sense of belonging based on these different histories, the approach proposed by ANEO enabled everyone to be aligned on new common foundations. The aim was to move beyond the old structures and really unite the staff around the new DNA of CITALLIOS.

This approach was successfully initiated by Aneo, and will need to be monitored over the long term to ensure that the momentum is not lost and that old reflexes are not revived.

Aneo's added value in this phase of launching and jointly writing a Roadmap has been successful, judging by the high rate of participation in the workshops and the constant solicitation of initiatives and questions from employees to our teams.

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