Developing customer focus and improving employee well-being

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Publié le 26 janvier 2020

Improving the employee experience in a customer-centric culture

BP2I is looking to rework its operating methods in order to develop a customer-centric culture and improve employee well-being.

Within BP2I, the Open Cloud division is made up of around 140 people (including 70 service providers) and outsourced teams divided into 9 functional areas.

This division has already launched its first managerial innovation initiatives:

  • Organisational initiatives: elimination of a hierarchical level, refocusing of functional areas, bringing Domain Managers closer to operational teams, etc.
    Initiatives designed to improve the way in which teams operate: introduction of managerial rituals based on visual management, experimentation with internal mobility between areas, organisation of Team Building, etc.
  • At this stage, the division wants to go further by: developing a customer-oriented culture and collective intelligence, and making employees happy.

Encouraging cross-functionality and capturing employee feedback

From mid-February to May 2018, the ANEO teams worked with the BP2I teams to align with the intention of this transformation.

In April and May 2018, 12 BBLLs were organised with all OpenCloud's internal employees. Taking the form of lunches attended by employees from all teams (without their direct manager), the BBLLs enabled us to capture feedback and identify areas for improvement to enhance everyone's well-being.

A number of actions have been implemented as a result.

Employee-led plenary sessions and experimentation with new systems

Since the creation of OpenCloud, the plenary sessions have been led by division heads and managers.

The plenary session on 4 July will be different: the managers won't be speaking, it will be run entirely by the employees. Two masters of ceremonies, video presentations from all the teams, offbeat presentations, etc.

Adapting managerial practices and empowering those being managed

Aneo is continuing to support Open Cloud in a number of new areas:

  • Managerial practices: offering the various managerial lines tailor-made support to empower and give responsibility to operational teams.
  • Dedicated training for employees to help them evolve their managerial posture and develop their autonomy and communication skills.
  • Rethinking the induction process: already implemented in the second half of 2018, the idea is to continue experimenting in order to facilitate the integration of new arrivals.
  • Introducing new HR processes with the experimentation of a recruitment afterwork to attract new talent.

Les plus

  • Align employees and management around a shared intention
  • Open up a space for employees to express themselves and share their ideas
  • Create opportunities for informal inter-team exchanges to encourage cross-functionality and break down structural barriers.
  • Setting up Meetup cycles to encourage the sharing of know-how

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