Architecture and implementation of the “Core Banking” System Change Program for Retail France

IT Consulting Banking & Financial Services
Publié le 29 janvier 2020


The IT Modernization program is a strategic project for HSBC France, which aims to equip the French retail bank (RBWM) with the SAB software package, to replace in-house applications that have become obsolete and expensive to operate.

The bank would like support in framing and costing the most important stream, i.e. Integration Stream (integration of SAB into the existing IS), based on the architecture to be implemented in different batches (in agile mode).

The bank would then like to be supported in the implementation of the integration stream, in order to successfully complete the total changeover of the Core Banking system.

Our support

The objectives of this support are multiple:

  • Propose an architecture for integrating this software package into the existing information system
  • Cost the development of all interfaces to be implemented
  • Estimate all non-regression tests
  • Plan the entire stream with the rest of the program
  • Identify batches to be delivered progressively
  • Decouple the software package model from the existing IS model as far as possible, while guaranteeing the desired performance.


  • Analysis of different use cases to identify all flows
  • Functional analysis and prioritization of use-cases to divide up the project while bringing value to the various business areas
  • List of all interfaces between the existing IS and the SAB software package
  • Identification of desired SLAs
  • Costing of all interface developments
  • Drafting of the architecture file (Use cases, UML)
  • Definition of test strategy (non-regression, performance, integration...)

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