AI and MLOps transformation at scale

Société Générale
Artificial intelligence Banking & Financial Services
Publié le 08 février 2024


Société Générale, aiming to strengthen its AI teams within the Global Technology Services scope, sought ANEO's expertise to introduce new methodologies and oversee IAML projects, integrating MLOps best practices. The goal was to establish a sustainable dynamic promoting the adoption of industrialization best practices to optimize team operations and project success.

Les plus

  • Successful cultural transformation: ANEO contributed to a significant shift in AI development work methods, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in processes, tools, and skills.
  • IAML project management: Handling over 10 simultaneous projects, ensuring consistent progress toward set objectives.
  • MLOps implementation: Setting up CI/CD/CT chain automation to ensure MLOps adherence to the targeted maturity level.

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