Accelerating LLMs on AWS Cloud for bioinformatics

Biotechnology company
Artificial intelligence Industry & Services
Publié le 06 juin 2024


Our client is a pioneering company in the development of genAI/LLMs (Large Language Models) applied to drug discovery. Their aim is to use the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing to transform the pharmaceutical research and development process by exploiting massive datasets and sophisticated algorithms. However, the complexity of these developments requires an optimized cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge AI expertise.

Current achievements

Aneo is implementing a comprehensive consulting and support program focusing on the following aspects:

  • Optimization of AWS cloud infrastructure: design and deployment of a robust cloud architecture to support data workloads and LLM computing processes
  • Improving efficiency and optimizing I/O performance: definition and implementation of optimized LLM/ML pipelines to accelerate model training and preprocessing
  • Establishing best practices: setting standards for user management and access to cloud resources to guarantee security
  • Exploration of data and model parallelization

Les plus

This project will enable our customer to:

  • Have an AWS cloud infrastructure optimized for AI and high-performance computing needs
  • Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of training and processing AI models
  • Implement best practices for managing the AWS cloud and its users

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