Synchronise the delivery rhythms of your IT departments

Written by Wilfried Kirschenmann, on 14 August 2019

This year, ANEO is renewing its participation in the DevOps REX! On this occasion, we share our feedback on concrete DevOps cases.

We met a major French online bank that was experiencing performance differences and deteriorating communication between its two IT entities.

The two sites, one in Paris and the other in the province, did not exhibit the same characteristics at all. The first was the historical IT entity operating as a large structure. The second was a startup acquired a few years ago, more agile, with a less heterogeneous technical scope.

These significant differences led to a two-speed operation, imbalanced development, and strong misunderstandings between the parties, gradually increasing tensions.

We were then approached to conduct a maturity diagnosis aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each entity and formalizing short-term operational recommendations for each.

Our actions enabled teams to better understand and accept each other, leading to the creation of synergies and mutual improvement!

But what did we implement? Let us tell you...

To achieve this, we immersed ourselves in the teams through multiple workshops aimed at better understanding how each worked, with what tools, and what difficulties they encountered. We conducted dedicated workshops (Dev-Dev / Ops-Ops) as well as cross-functional workshops (DevOps, Security, Architects).

In parallel, we were tasked with organizing awareness workshops on DevOps best practices for a diverse population, including technical and functional architects, developers, and middle management.

By involving all teams and giving them the keys to better understand the context and challenges of the other site, we helped them become aware of themselves, what they had to learn from each other, and the benefits of better collaboration.

We were thus able to develop an initial action plan allowing the two entities to synchronize their cruising speeds and capitalize on the experience gained from their respective scopes.