Squadshift, the ETAM group's internal job Tinder

Written by Jérôme Labastie, on 27 March 2019

The ETAM group stores (Etam Lingerie, Etam Ready-to-wear, Undiz, 123) frequently needed last-minute reinforcements to cope with a surge in activity or an unforeseen absence. On their side, the sales associates of the group, often part-time, wished to be able to work additional hours. It is to match these two needs that Squadshift was born!

In November 2017, the "Squadshift" application project was launched.

Until then, managers of Etam, Undiz, and 123 stores relied on their resourcefulness. Faced with the difficulty of organizing their teams' work schedules while having to find solutions to manage daily unforeseen events, it was common for them to call their colleagues from nearby stores to obtain temporary reinforcements in case of last-minute absences or spikes in workload during promotional sales periods. More than 60,000 hours per year were thus "exchanged" informally.

Furthermore, many part-time sales associates expressed the desire to work a few extra hours on demand.

For me, SquadSHIFT is really a great opportunity: I can work extra hours when I want, and also try out new stores. I can't wait to "match" with other brands to see how it goes at ETAM and 1.2.3 - A user

To address these two needs, Squadshift connects part-time employees of the Etam group with nearby stores.


  1. The ETAM employee registers on Squadshift on their smartphone.
  2. They enter their availability and/or check the available missions within the geographic area they have defined.
  3. They are notified of available missions and apply via the application.
  4. The employee receives a confirmation by SMS, and if their intervention proposal is accepted, they can then report to the store at the agreed time slot.

Everything is managed automatically, transparently, and in real-time for the employee and the store:

  • Automatic controls ensure that the employee does not exceed the limit of additional hours allowed by their employment contract.
  • Reinforcement needs can be fulfilled until the last moment, one hour before the start of the shift.
  • Legal documents are automatically generated by the group's information system to facilitate procedures.
  • Payment for additional hours is automatically integrated into the pay slips of employees performing missions.
  • A "weather" system allows participants to evaluate the quality of the shift.

More than a year after the application was launched:

  • 96% of the 600 stores in the Group in France are registered and active on Squadshift.
  • 1600 hosts are registered.
  • 2600 missions have been posted for 800 "matches"

The application naturally enjoys greater success in large cities where the density of stores is highest. Internal communication efforts are necessary to encourage broader adoption of the application.

I'm really thrilled! I have complete confidence in Dina, she's super professional! She has several years of experience and knows the group well, I can really rely on her. Now, it's certain: whenever I need reinforcements, I think of SquadSHIFT! - A store manager

After a year of experimentation, it appears that many shifts have not been filled. Why? Simply because the needs of the stores are often concentrated at specific times of the week (especially on Saturdays) and Squadshifters are usually mobilized in their home store during these shifts.

While it does not solve all scheduling difficulties, this initiative promotes cross-functionality within the group since half of the missions allowed employees to work for another brand. A great way for the employee to enhance their skills and employability.