Sporting recruitment at Genae!

Written by Hugo Chatel, on 06 April 2018

Anthony Barquisseau, CEO of Genae, has both good and bad news. The good news is that Genae is experiencing strong growth and is opening a new club. The bad news is that he needs to recruit and onboard new coaches very quickly. How can he recruit qualified individuals who align with the club's culture in such a short time?

After some thought, Anthony Barquisseau decides to go back to basics. After all, he runs a sports club managed by coaches: so it's through team sports that he will select his new recruits.

What's interesting is that the goal is not to judge the candidates' athletic abilities. Of course, they must demonstrate endurance and minimum physical capabilities. But the sports interviews are primarily designed to get to know the candidates' personalities better: how do they behave in a team? How do they react to defeat or victory? Are the values they embody during a match aligned with those of Genae? As Barquisseau himself observes, it's harder to wear a mask when playing team sports...

Here, we will never be blamed for doing something wrong, but rather for not doing anything - Cécile, Genae Club employee

Unsurprisingly, Genae promotes job postings emphasizing Genae's values and culture in schools and on specialized job offer websites. All candidates are then invited to a day of interviews, literally, through sports. They are welcomed with breakfast during which the club and the day's program are presented to them. They are then divided into groups of 12 - 15, and the sports challenges begin: heated games of football and ultimate frisbee that will allow the candidates to be assessed...

The candidates' future colleagues and managers observe their behaviors and their ability to implement a strategy.

The day ends with interviews, both in groups and individually, in front of the Genae team present during the day's sports challenges. Based on the feedback from the team of employees, the club manager definitively approves the profile. Profiles not selected receive an explanation and suggestions for improvement if they wish.