The power of Agility to transform organizations

Written by David Beck, on 21 March 2024


How can companies survive in our complex, changing and uncertain world?

Answering this question is the promise made by Agility and its passage to scale, offering opportunities for the evolution and transformation of organizations.

What do we mean when we talk about agility? It's best to refer to the Agile Manifesto. Here's our interpretation:

  • People first - what makes a team work is people working together towards a common goal. Doers and leaders together.
  • Pragmatism - what's important is that it works, that the business runs, all the time. This requires rigor and excellence in engineering practices.
  • Customer focus - bringing value to those who use our work product, seeking customer feedback regularly.
  • Adaptation / evolution - staying alert because nothing is won, everything is in motion, and we need to step back regularly to adjust the behavior of people, teams and organizations to reality.

Agility is all about people, mastery of techniques and expertise, product and organization, all intertwined, with the cursors depending on your priority here and now.

Today, there are several observations we make when we talk about agility:

  • Agility is no longer confined to IT: the practices behind it (collaboration, learning, continuous improvement, acceleration of value-creating processes) are being taken up by other activities within organizations, such as Human Resources departments and business divisions, which are finally beginning to take the use of Product Discovery seriously, to bring real value to users of products and services.
  • it's a vector for transforming the organization to be more efficient and better adapted to its market, customers and social and ecological challenges. This is an important issue for Aneo, which has launched an ambitious CSR initiative to improve its carbon footprint, and has launched a policy of inclusion for all its employees, the measures of which are shared on this site.
  • it's a factor in internal innovation, thanks to delegation at team level, the sharing of ideas, collective intelligence and collaboration.

At Aneo, we see recurring requests to achieve these objectives:

  • Engage employees
  • Gain visibility of project progress
  • Improve trust and break down organizational silos
  • Rediscover responsiveness in delivering functionalities
  • Align corporate strategy with action
  • Improve decision-making and product strategy
  • Implement a culture of continuous improvement

Is this your main objective? Let's talk about it.

And meanwhile, at Aneo, Agility is happening just like that!

Agility at Aneo follows strong principles that differentiate us, make us credible and relevant.

We believe you can do better. Every person, team or organization has the capacity to achieve this brilliant and motivating goal. We know how to help you mobilize them.

Agnostic. We don't have a single way of supporting Agility: what counts above all is that it's the one that's right for you, today and right now. It could be SAFe, it could be something else. That's why we strive to be anti-dogmatic.

Expertise, learning and complementarity. We are professionals: we pledge to be transparent about our skills and limitations, to train and certify ourselves regularly, and to refer our customers to our peers who have the skills they need.
We know how to talk, practice, train, coach on User Story slicing techniques, DevOps, organizational practices like Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid framework, organizational design, leadership, we find the right person with the right expertise.

A community. One thing all agilists have in common is the desire to be part of a group that shares what drives it. We meet regularly to share, learn, be together, reflect and resolve conflicts :)

Eat your own dog food. Come and see us, and you'll see that our organization is in perpetual motion, as we apply the principles we propose to our customers.