mc²i Groupe uses escape games to promote its employer brand

Written by Sarah Spitz, on 12 December 2018

For mc²i Groupe, a company with 750 employees, it's not easy to establish a dialogue with students and recent graduates who are unfamiliar with the consulting profession and who are also not very comfortable in corporate events. So, they called on our friend Margaux from Neojobs to find a solution, a slightly unconventional one.

It's a real challenge for many: how to promote your company to young talents who are uncomfortable in corporate events and who are unfamiliar with your profession?

Neojobs decided to think outside the box and organized a rather special after-work event in May 2018 at their offices. The theme? An escape game mixing managers from mc²i Groupe and external participants.

Thanks to mc²i Groupe's communication efforts, an independent digital transformation company with 750 employees, 40 external participants attended this unique evening. Upon arrival, they were divided into several teams, each including a manager from mc²i Groupe. The objective was twofold: for the managers, to identify interesting talents, and for the participants, an opportunity to connect with the managers and better understand the consulting professions.

The game involved navigating through various puzzle stations within an hour by correctly answering a series of riddles. One station focused on logic, another gathered verbal puzzles, and so on. Advancing to the next level could only be unlocked with the whole team present: it was a team effort or nothing!

The initially shy participants quickly got into the game. After a few minutes, dialogue was established within each team. It typically takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get into the swing of things. That's when the masks come off... Needless to say, a lot can be observed in an hour of gameplay. Neojobs, meanwhile, was tasked with observing team communication, aggressiveness, competitiveness, stress and time management, leadership, critical thinking... A prepared analysis grid served as their observation guide.

The game lasted an hour in total: an escape room facility assisted mc²i Groupe in designing the game to find an optimal difficulty level for the players.

At the end of the allotted time, Neojobs debriefed on what was observed, and the rest of the evening was dedicated to informal exchanges, much more relaxed and therefore deeper than at the beginning of the evening!

Clearly satisfied with this first edition, mc²i Groupe plans to repeat the experience very soon. Stay tuned for the next episode!