The different dimensions of Agility

Written by Mallory Goossens, on 06 February 2018


Agility is not just about operations!

Today, Agility is often seen as a real lever for operational efficiency. While it is frequently overused and misunderstood, its value is becoming evident, particularly for IT development centers, even though its significance extends far beyond mere operations.

Our conviction is that Agility is primarily a mindset based on four core values.

A genuine Agile Transformation makes sense within a comprehensive company-wide approach that considers all dimensions of Agility.

The implementation of Operational Agility (or even just methodological agility) puts pressure on the structure and reveals behavioral, strategic, and organizational obstacles.

Many Agile transformations only address the operational and somewhat behavioral dimension, often stigmatizing managers without truly tackling the company culture, which is the primary impediment to deployment.

Quickly, external constraints can slow down or even block Agility's progress: the repositioning of management, budgets, objectives, relationships with external stakeholders, roles, processes, and, ultimately, even making the organization a hindrance to the deployment of Agile culture.