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Every day, our world becomes a bit more fragile and bewildering. Successive health, energy, environmental, and geopolitical crises breed anxiety. Continuous progress is called into question. Logic is no longer the guiding principle. In this confusion, human adaptability is at the core of the success of the transformations that need to take place. And our belief is that to transform, one must educate

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What drives us is to encourage human connections to generate emotions, questions, and desires – the primary engine of transformations.

What sets us apart is our experience and hybrid vision of training: at the intersection of coaching, education, and consulting.

Our Support

Whether in-person or remotely, in the form of training, coaching, or conferences, we adapt to your needs.

Learning strategy
Learning Strategy

Designing your skills development plans and managerial pathways.

Inspirational conferences
Inspirational conferences and seminars

Create desire, disrupt to raise awareness, and enable change.

Communities of practice
Communities of practice and co-development

Foster the autonomy of your employees through the sharing of practices among peers.

Customized training
Customized training

Building engaging training programs for you that align with your strategic and operational objectives.


Supporting your employees in unlocking their potential through a creative process and within a privileged intimate relationship.

Innovation and digital learning
Innovation and digital learning

Capitalizing on digital tools and inventing new formats to promote learning and enable greater flexibility.

work change

Our mission: Stirring knowledge to transform work.

Creating excitement, providing a moment of sharing, learning to do things differently, experimenting, activating collective intelligence... At Aneo Institute, we believe that the training experience goes far beyond the classroom: it's a moment to challenge oneself, cultivate curiosity, question, and improve. We embrace the conventions of training to disrupt them for the better !

Our Themes

Our ambition: to contribute to establishing the conditions for transformation and enable your teams to develop both their soft skills and hard skills.

Unleash Your Potential

Personal Development

Embracing Your Leadership Role


Caring for the Relationship

Interpersonal Relations

Enhancing Efficiency

Operational Excellence

Successful Transformations

Project Management and Leadership

Taking Care of Oneself

Care Management


Integrating Environmental and Societal Issues Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Developing Customer Culture

Customer Experience and Design

A Team Like No Other

20 individuals: coaches, trainers, sociologists, consultants—women and men, self-taught individuals, artists, intellectuals. In short, diverse and multifaceted personalities, curious about others, and passionate about sharing, brought together by a common thread—design. Consequently, we prioritize listening to our clients and building with you.

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Our quality approach


The quality certification has been awarded for the following category of actions:


As a training organization, Aneo Institute is QUALIOPI certified. This certification, issued by the State, guarantees the quality of our services in accordance with the national quality reference framework (RNQ) established in June 2019.


  • For you, it is the possibility to finance your training actions through Competence Operators (OPCO).
  • For us, it is to ensure adapting all our proposals to your needs, measuring and achieving operational objectives, promoting the commitment of your employees, and optimizing the entire organizational process.
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Accessibility for Disabilities

If you are in a situation of disability, you must inform us, via the email address rh@aneo.fr, of any potential accommodation needs. The entire team will be at your disposal to facilitate your access to the training!


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