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Welcome to our Research and Expertise Seminars, dedicated to promoting scientific research and expertise in the consulting business. At Aneo, we firmly believe in the importance of scientific research (R&D) and are committed to being a bridge between the academic and business worlds.

Our expert seminars, filmed for wider distribution, bring together specialists and experts. These events are designed to foster knowledge exchange, encourage collaborative innovation and offer cutting-edge perspectives that can transform your business.

While the topics on offer focus primarily on High-Performance Computing (HPC), cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), this field will open up in the autumn to cover many other subjects.

Explore our seminar series to inspire and guide your technology and transformation initiatives, providing valuable insights and fostering innovative synergies from science.


Generative strategies to empower physics-based wave propagation with deep Learning: Applications to earthquake engineering and structural health monitoring

We present applications to seismic engineering and structural health monitoring.


Speaker: Filippo Gatti, Lecturer at CentraleSupélec

In a few words: In this work, we provide a quantitative assessment of how largely can earthquake groundmotion simulation and structural health monitoring benefit from deep learning generative techniques, blended with traditional numerical simulations.