Removing the barriers to using the public cloud for a sensitive business activity

Written by Wilfried Kirschenmann, on 12 September 2019

This year, Aneo is renewing its participation in the DevOps REX! On this occasion, we are sharing our feedback on concrete DevOps cases.

We met with an investment bank wishing to relaunch one of its historical business lines.

To support this ambition, they built a nearly perfect business case. The only catch? The purchase of tens of thousands of servers was necessary to handle the volume of complex financial calculations associated with this activity.

Therefore, from the outset, a significant investment was needed, which was discouraging...

The Cloud emerged as a credible and advantageous alternative: some calculations could be performed on internally available resources, and additional needs could be met by renting machines on the public cloud based on demand.

The Cloud then appeared to be the ideal solution to support the business case and minimize the investment required for the startup.

However, this did not account for the essential step in implementing any new technology in such a complex regulatory environment: obtaining approval from a committee composed of representatives from compliance, risk, legal, and IT security.

We were then approached to validate the relevance of the cloud in this business case, establish functional and technical feasibility, and demonstrate that such a project could be achieved while respecting the bank's constraints and maintaining controlled risk.

For this purpose, we conducted a series of individual interviews with around twenty managers from the IT department and various business divisions involved to thoroughly understand the context, identify business challenges, financial calculations, data processing cycles, different data typologies, and their criticality. Thus, we determined the solutions to be implemented to secure the process as a whole and comply with the bank's constraints.

But that wasn't enough to convince the entire committee!

Once the file was co-constructed with our initial contacts, we began a process of acculturation and syndication with the top management of the business lines to benefit from their experience, gain their support, and ensure unwavering sponsorship for the project.

During the presentation we conducted before the committee, it was these influential supporters who, through their commitments in their respective areas of expertise, convinced each committee member to rely on the cloud to launch this new business activity!