Reduce the risk of loss of earnings for users of an e-trading platform

Written by Wilfried Kirschenmann, on 18 September 2019

This year, Aneo is renewing its participation in the DevOps REX! On this occasion, we are sharing our experiences with concrete DevOps cases.

We partnered with a major French investment bank whose e-trading platform suffered from costly evolutionary maintenance and sluggish time-to-market.

This platform, connected to about ten business back-ends, was designed for clients to carry out trading actions autonomously while having all the necessary information for decision-making. Its effectiveness was tested daily by clients, and any slowdown could lead to significant financial loss or even operational losses.

Maintenance and the speed of production deployments were critical in this context, and the difficulties encountered with this rather monolithic, fragile, and expensive system were starting to jeopardize the platform's sustainability and the competitive advantage it had gained upon release.

Therefore, we were approached to conduct a technical and organizational audit to provide recommendations for implementing a more efficient organization, practices, and tools. The goal was to automate the value chain as much as possible and empower the team to deliver faster and reduce maintenance costs.

But that's not all we implemented to significantly improve the platform's service.

In this context, we also supported the complete overhaul of the platform with an agile and DevOps-oriented approach focused on "Continuous Delivery," simultaneously leading developer acculturation to DevOps to enhance their collaboration.

From an organizational standpoint, we built small, autonomous, and multi-skilled teams commonly referred to as "feature teams," capable of managing the entire value chain, from infrastructure to customer support, through code, making them much more responsive in their area.

On the tooling front, application builds and delivery were fully automated using a continuous integration platform supported by a dev-to-prod delivery pipeline requiring only a "click of a button" and allowing smooth "rollbacks."

All of this led to significantly reduced delivery times and much faster adaptation and responsiveness to change. The gains in team autonomy and motivation were also notable, resulting in increased productivity.

As evidence of their satisfaction, the teams implemented the recommended suggestions and subsequently integrated us into the implementation team!