Agile copy/paste

Written by Mallory Goossens, on 06 February 2018


Agility is agnostic!

How many times have we heard: "We are going to switch to the Agile method and implement 'Spotify' or any other framework?" First and foremost, we need to stop thinking that Agile is a method that can seamlessly replace traditional project management methods. This mindset only leads to the implementation of a pseudo-Agile model like Water-ScRum-Fal

Agility is not a method; it is a new operating paradigm with a DNA rooted in a new mindset.

This mindset reinforces the Agile Manifesto and can be summarized by the following slogan:

B.T.P : Benevolence, Transparency, Proactivity.

It is on these qualities that Agility is built.

C.H.U : Courage, Humility, Union

With B.T.P, these qualities ensure your Agile Transformation.

Therefore, if Agility is not a method, it is easy to realize that implementing Agility encompasses the entire enterprise in all its dimensions: cultural, process-oriented, organizational, HR, training, etc.

To address all these dimensions, there are well-known frameworks such as Scrum, LeSS, SAFe, Nexus, but also complements to the Agile Manifesto such as Software Craftsmanship or the DevOps approach.

However, these frameworks are just that: "frameworks." They provide practices, organizational and process models, but do not address all your specific challenges and therefore do not guarantee that they will suit you as they are.

While they have indeed been successful in the past, it is mainly because they have NEVER been implemented EXACTLY the same way from one context to another.

This is why our consulting firm's agile approach is to co-create your own agile approach/model iteratively, incrementally, and adaptively through our Agile Transformation Framework.

This is also why we advocate for the values of Agnostic Agile.