A new approach to consulting

"After 15 years of working to decompartmentalize our consulting activities, we have succeeded in setting up an organizational structure based on the values of collective intelligence."

Solutions to turn complex problems into business opportunities, offering performance and speed in the HPC - High Performance Computing - software value chain.

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Solutions to help you change your culture, transform your managerial attitude, deploy agility & product vision.                                          

Our DNA: Collective, Human, Innovative  (CHI)

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Our horizontal organization has enabled us to anchor the activation of collective intelligence in our model. No silos, no individual objectives with bonuses are just a few examples of our structure.



Don't forget people and the planet in our missions. How can we increase productivity while improving the employee experience and reducing greenhouse gas emissions? These are just some of the questions we're asking ourselves.

Innovative Aneo

We have strategically chosen to invest in R&D and innovation to better prepare our customers for what lies ahead. And probably also because we like complexity.



Focus on Research & Development

Research and development
R&D at the heart of our actions

Aneo's R&D is dedicated to using all the levers at our disposal, such as behavioral sciences, new methodologies and technologies, not forgetting the human factor, to create innovative solutions that transcend the expectations of both our employees and our customers, thus promoting collective action and inclusion.

Aneo Project
BOPA Project

A memorable reference that integrates AI/ML skills in the healthcare field, to support liver surgery in particular through the innovative use of spectrometry (e.g., interpretation of light reflection in medical imaging).





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Dedicated maturity questionnaires

A powerful tool for in-depth introspection and tenfold synergies. They give us a faster, finer understanding of our customers, enabling us to tailor our services to their specific needs.





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