Digital Histopathology, hope for medical research

Advances in high-performance computing (HPC) hold out tremendous hope for progress in medical research. Digital Histopathology is a concrete example of how this can help in cancer screening.

As an expert in HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Aneo is at the heart of this digital revolution. Continuing its collaboration with Paris Descartes University, our team is working to design predictive models in line with the needs of researchers, professors and doctors. From data collection and processing to results analysis and the detection of oncological pathologies, the entire therapeutic care chain is poised to benefit from the predictive power of machine learning models, with all the benefits that this will bring to patient care.

In this short white paper, find out how our HPC specialists and data scientists are taking advantage of IBM servers and the IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator environment to build a predictive model to help screen for breast cancer.

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