Unleash your large-scale computations with ArmoniK

In partnership with CIB Crédit Agricole and AWS


In open source

ArmoniK is an open-source software capable of managing High Throughput Computing (HTC) workloads as well as flows in High Performance Computing (HPC)

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Handle a large number of tasks, thanks to grid computing grids

Scientific research, simulations, data analysis require intensive work, the simultaneous execution of processes on millions of data, and this is where ArmoniK comes into play.

Health, industry, banking, insurance

need and will need this solution to process their workflows in the near future...

Thanks to Kubernetes, a key tool in the development of cloud-native applications - hence the K in ArmoniK, task deployments are centralized, along with their monitoring, and the software automatically scales to adapt to your needs.

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ArmoniK's advantages

ArmoniK ensures that tasks and data are secured to deliver reliable results for you. These results can be stored locally or in the Cloud according to your preference!

Power and adaptability

With ArmoniK, everything becomes more flexible thanks to the interoperability between different elements. Want to use Google Cloud instead of Amazon Web Services? It can be integrated into your workflow. We can help you create an application to manage your workloads with customized features. You decide what you need, and we ensure you get what you asked for.

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" After 18 months of projects, we have successfully deployed ArmoniK on our daily risks on AWS, a first for us in the cloud!

Marcel PHAN, Global Market IT Manager, CA-CIB

How did we do it?

Our 18 years of research in HPC in Finance, Industry, and Health have given birth to ArmoniK.


Creation of Aneo by experts in application performance


First HPC contract with a leading French industrial company


First partnerships with Top 10 semiconductor manufacturers


First grid deployed in a public cloud for a leading French insurance company


First French 'live pricing bursting' in a public cloud for a leading Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) entity.


First Cloud integration developed for a leading grid orchestrator provider


CA-CIB / AWS / Aneo partnership for the construction and integration of ArmoniK


First HPC Cloud missions for several French drug design startups


Launch of ArmoniK after 18 years of research


Active discussions with major European banks